27-31 October 2019


Witchcraft will be in the air around Belvoir Castle this Halloween as the hilltop Leicestershire castle revives the chilling true story of the Witches of Belvoir.


Revenge, evil curses, black cats, illness and death all feature in the 17th century story to be retold to those who dare to make their way up the haunted hill to the castle this Halloween.


The year is 1619. The two young sons of the Earl of Rutland have died and the prime suspects are the Flower sisters and their mother, the ‘Witches of Belvoir’ believed to be seeking revenge for their sacking from the castle.


Visitors this Halloween – with events running from 27-31 October – will be able to hear what form their revenge took and the fate that befell these three women condemned for witchcraft.


All who dare to come will climb the haunted hill; gather around a witches’ cauldron in the dark deep Dooms and be chilled by the story of the real Witches of Belvoir.


A quest will then be issued to explore the darkened rooms of the Castle on the lookout for clues to complete a special spooky spell to receive rewards and become a fully fledged member of the Belvoir Wizards and Witches Association.


On the way, meet guides dressed in spectacular Halloween costumes, carve pumpkins in the Castle’s kitchens and finish with some Halloween-themed refreshments.


Tickets are priced at £10 per child and includes a pumpkin to carve, and £18 per adult. Castle is open 27-31 October inclusive, 11am-12.30pm and 1.30-4pm.



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