Emma, Duchess of Rutland, says: “In little over 12 months the Engine Yard has grown from a group of newly restored buildings to a vibrant, dynamic and buoyant heart of the community. We have welcomed almost a quarter of a million visitors who have enjoyed the beautiful setting and extraordinary selection of local shops, artisan crafts and regional foods on offer.


“I am delighted to welcome Caroline Chamberlain Couture Bridal Studio, Sunita Passi Wellness Centre and B-Jewellery, all of which bring something new and unique to the Engine Yard. Our reputation as a high quality retail destination continues to grow and these wonderful new additions will only add to that.”

Opening in Vale House at the Engine Yard in early October, Caroline Chamberlain Couture Bridal Studio is relocating from Lincoln to offer her unique bridal gown design service across Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. Owner, designer and expert seamstress Caroline Chamberlain specialises in one-off, handmade wedding and evening gowns.


Caroline Chamberlain says: “Your wedding day is one of those once in a lifetime experiences, so it’s essential that everything is planned down to the most minute detail. Creating a handmade, bespoke design wedding gown is all about achieving perfection for the bride-to-be on her special day. I am very excited at the opportunity on offer at the Engine Yard. The whole place has a wonderful, warm, welcoming feel and our newly refurbished building provides the perfect environment for relaxing fittings.”


Sunita Passi Wellness Centre and Shop are the Vale’s first dedicated destination for yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, luxury treatments and natural skincare. Set up by Sunita Passi from Nottingham, the Wellness Centre comprises a yoga/meditation studio, Ayurvedic and holistic treatments, a clinic for medical herbalism and Ayurvedic medicine and own brand natural skincare.


Sunita explains: “My focus on wellbeing is through caring for ourselves and those around us, and the ripples reach through family and colleagues into the community and the wider world. Alongside yoga and meditation, I also practice Ayurvedic healing. Ayurveda is the time-tested Indian system of healing that remains hugely popular the world over. Literally translated from Sanskrit as the ‘science of life’, it is older than Buddhism and is a holistic health system which combines a toolkit of massage, yoga, meditation, nutrition and herbs.”


B Jewellery is a luxury retailer specialising in bespoke jewellery designs. Fronted by designer Belynda Faulkner, her second shop offers unique creations, workshops and a number of her jewellery collections at a larger scale.


Belynda says: “This is an exciting time for the business as we continue to grow. We create the ultimate romance for our customers with bespoke items, and where better to establish ourselves than in the shadow of beautiful Belvoir Castle? With great support from the Duchess of Rutland, we are delighted to set up shop and make the Engine Yard our second home.”


For further information visit www.engineyardbelvoir.com.

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