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Five days till Blast Off !!

So, it’s finally here, the Belvoir Blast…. you entered months ago and it’s been a speck in a galaxy, far, far away and at the back of your mind… You’ve had a lovely summer, probably taken your foot off the training pedal a little and now realise it’s time to get the lycra back on in five(ish) days time.

There is a choice of three stunning, circular routes, 28, 58 and 100 miles. Let’s be honest, this is a challenging sportive, but if you decide to alter the route on the day and drop down your mileage that is absolutely fine! There are feed stations to stop and refuel on the way with sandwiches and delicious home-made cakes.

It’s not too late to enter this terrific event. If you have a bike and the motivation you can do this! Even if you start off small this year with the aim of going the longer distance next year.







Houston, we have a problem!

If you’re a little worried you haven’t done as much training as you imagined you would – (Let’s face it – we are all busy! ) make the most of the last few days before the event to clean up your diet, get quality rest and make sure your bike is prepped for the event!

One of the best things you can do to ensure you have a good day, and for your own peace of mind, is to check over your bike for worn chain & tyres, give it a spin to make sure the gears are all working properly. Check your saddle bag for all the essentials. For a long ride 2 innertubes is the ideal, plus puncture repair kit, a good bike tool and a couple of snacks. A pair of latext gloves can be a godsend if you have the space! Trying to wipe the oil off your hands on the grass verge isn’t always ideal.

Luckily, for anything more serious than a tyre change, the ladies who are the brains (& beauty obvs) behind the Belvoir Blast have you covered! On registration you are given the number of the mechanic who is on call for the duration of the sportive.

Britta Bayman & Emma Roberts


Good luck to everyone having a bash at the Blast! The weather forecast is looking lovely for the weekend too. Keep drinking, keep eating & most importantly, keep pedalling!

For the full details on the Blast and how to enter follow this link.

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