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I thought it would be interesting to compare the changes over the last 100 years or so, in many of the pictures the trees have grown so much they obscure a lot of the buildings but in some cases you can really clearly see the features of the buildings in the older photographs.


Aslockton Station, 1920 and below, as it is today.


Barkestone-le-Vale 1920

Chapel Street looking down past Ivy Farm towards the old primary school.


Base of the Market Cross and Stocks – 1913 The Bull and Belvoir Coffee House behind.





The Green and Ford over the River Devon, 1906

High Street Bottesford in the 1960’s looking down past the Rutland Arms on the right of the picture.



The Marquis of Granby, 1925 and below as it is in 2017, looking very different.

Main Street, Granby, 1925




Chapel Street, 1936


Granby Lane taken outside Grange Farm, 1910


Main Street, Wesleyan Chapel Sunday School anniversary, 1921.
Members of the congregation have gathered outside the Post Office, run by Harold Castle.

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