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Already well into Feb…. many schools have their half terms this week and next (even though they’ve only just gone back after Christmas). If you’re not venturing much father afield there’s a whole heap of ideas on the Events section of the website. Leicester Comedy Festival is coming to Waltham on the 17th of Feb with sisters Flo & Joan. Belton House are having their birdwatching day on Wednesday 14th if you have time to get involved. Snowdrop week at stunning Easton Gardens is well worth a trip, as well as all the regular events you might not ordinarily have chance to get to.

This month: diet & fitness tips from Sues Jewitt @ Fit2Drop. Sues is a personal trainer based in Muston with over 10 year’s experience of Personal Training and is as up for a challenge as you are!

Plus… the inside scoop on progress at The Engine Yard, Belvoir Castle – find out what you are set to enjoy there and when it’s all going to be happening…

Plus of course, some great offers provided by the businesses advertising on the website!

Small changes CAN make a BIG difference to a healthier, fitter you!

Making a few small changes in your lifestyle can really make a difference to losing weight & toning up your body.

Smaller Portions – I always tell my clients who have come to me to help them lose weight to firstly look at their portion sizes. Over the years the dinner plates we use have become larger which therefore means bigger portion sizes. Simply cutting down on the amount on your plate can make a real difference, if you find it difficult leaving food or not having a full plate, then changing to using a smaller plate means you are eating a smaller portion which equals to fewer calories.

Daily Activity Levels – Increasing your daily activity levels is surprisingly easy to do. Such as, take the stairs instead of the lift, park your car further away from the office / supermarket / school than you do usually, play football / tennis with your family or friends, a brisk walk on your own, with your partner, family or dog, cycle to work, swimming, the list is endless so get your thinking caps on and find new ways of doing your daily routines. Remember if you already walk your dog for 30 minutes a day you will need to increase the time or the intensity of the walk to increase your activity levels and we are all different so whatever you do needs to fit into YOUR lifestyle and abilities.

Diet – Don’t go crazy and ‘starve yourself’ as this can cause weight gain as your body fights back by slowing things down and conserving your body fat [not what we want]. Go for a ‘Well Balanced Diet’ avoiding processed foods choosing raw and fresh foods to fill up on. A handful of nuts [Almonds, cashew, walnuts – all unsalted] fruit and vegetables make great healthy snacks so try to make sure you have some in your lunch box or at home for those hungry moments.

These little changes will make a difference along with increasing your water intake, reducing your weekly alcohol intake [the recommended units per week are 21 for men and 14 for females] and look to have at least 2 or 3 alcohol free days a week. Note 125ml glass of wine has around 85-120 calories, to burn this off [depending on weight, fitness levels and intensity] you would need to do roughly 30-40 mins of walking Uphill or 30-40 mins cycling.

Here’s to a healthier & happier lifestyle,

Note – Please consult your GP or Health issues prior to commencing a fitness programme.
If you are interested in contacting Sues regarding a nutrition & exercise programme tailored to your needs, contact her on 07825 525235 or by email sues@fit2drop.co.uk

Full Steam Ahead for an Easter Arrival
You may have noticed there has been a lot of activity lately around the old Engine Yard site at Belvoir Castle.

Belvoir Estates are now in the final stages of a truly exciting development that looks set to bring many visitors and create employment in the Vale. I was lucky enough to meet with Fiona Eastman, Project Manager of the Engine Yard development, who filled me in on the details.

Restaurant & Duchess’ Gallery 

The Engine Yard project is a loving restoration of the former engine yard site, which was originally used by the skilled craftsmen employed by the Castle to carry out repairs to not only to the castle itself but also the many tenanted properties on the Belvoir Estate.  2018 will see the old Saw Shed & the Malt House get a much-needed facelift and be put to very different uses, such as a high-end restaurant, café, spa, wine merchant and retail units selling luxury brands. Not to mention the stunning Duchess’ Gallery. The old buildings have been lovingly restored, preserving many original features which has included the painstaking pointing of the old brickwork and retention of the lovely original floorboards in the restaurant/café.
The first to open at Easter 2018 will be the garden centre, closely followed by the rest of the development with the remainder finally open by the end of May 2018.
There will also be cycle hire facilities which will make use of the excellent cycling around the Castle itself and potentially opening some new trails.
There are many plans in the making for a summer packed full of events, including bbq’s, demonstrations from celebrity chefs, wine tastings etc.
Retail Units

The retail village will be a truly engaging and social space, steeped in heritage that enhances the lives of the local community and it’s surroundings. The site will include but is not limited to: Wine Merchant, Gunsmith, Cycle Hire/Shop, Restaurant/Café, Interior Design & Soft Furnishing, Rural Fashion.  The aim is that all the units, although many of them independent from the Estate, will all work together to deliver a site that provides a one-stop shop for their customers, supplying everything needed for a day’s all-immersive shopping. Visitors will be inspired to reimagine their recipes, and will leave invigorated with a passion for cooking.

Upstairs Restaurant 

There are currently three retail units left to fill, and Belvoir Estates are interested to hear from anyone who thinks their business would be a good fit with the vision & mission of the site. They are also looking for people interested in the cycle hire business. For more info… 

Thank you to Sophie Crowder at Big Day Blooms & Cakes for the following offer.
Sophie is an extremely talented florist & cake baker/decorator – check out her Facebook page here for more details of her work.

DK Carriage Horses

Again on the wedding theme – DK Carriage Horses have some truly stunning carriages & horses that will compliment any wedding. Also great for proms, special birthdays etc.

They are offering to provide a free bottle of champagne to enjoy in the carriage on their wedding day if booked before 31 March 2018. Valid for weddings 2018 and 2019.

ReNu Beauty Salon, Melton Mowbray

£10 off Clarins Facials, and 10% off Clarins products after treatment. Quote Visit Belvoir when booking – valid until 28 February.  To make an appointment call 01664 564240

ReNu beauty salon is located in the heart of Melton Mowbray, within easy reach of Rutland, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.


The business has been established for 9 years and offers a comprehensive range of beauty treatments, using outstanding products such as Clarins, Guinot, B-line and Vani-T. As a business we continue to grow and develop our skills, to give you our clients a first class service.

Take time out to visit our gem of a salon and enjoy some well deserved pampering.

I hope you have enjoyed the second newsletter – feedback is always appreciated 🙂 if you would have a business that would like to participate in offers please get in touch.

Oh, and happy Valentines Day!


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