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The Vale of Belvoir? Where the heck is that!

And you pronounce it how, exactly???

Beaver. Yes, that’s right beaver, as in the wood-knawing, water-loving, rather cute but occasionally problematic aquatic mammal with rather large teeth.

Per-lease don’t say belle-voir  – you’ll get some funny looks.

So, according to Google, The Vale of Belvoir is an area of outstanding natural beauty which you might stumble upon if you travelled off the beaten path in a rough sort of circle from Bingham, up to Long Clawson, on towards Melton Mowbray, across to Grantham, down into Bottesford and back to Bingham.

It’s got a huge amount going for it, hence the reason for the website.

This website will be useful to you if you can answer “absolutely!” to any of the following questions….

  • Do you live in the Vale of Belvoir (beaver)?
  • Do you run a business in the Vale of Belvoir?
  • Do you work in the Vale of Belvoir?
  • Do you like Stilton and Pork Pies?
  • Are you partial to a pint of locally brewed real ale?
  • Do you ever eat/drink/shop in the Vale of Belvoir?
  • Would you like to know what is happening in the Vale of Belvoir?
  • Do you like looking at pictures of the Vale of Belvoir?
  • Do you like to walk or cycle through stunning countryside, abbreviated with pit stops at traditional country pubs, tea rooms & cafés?

I’m sure you were able to answer positively to a few of those….

So please take a look around, all listings are temporarily free while we find our feet in the big world-wide-web.

If you would like to get in touch you can contact me via the contact page.